Photo Study Sin.
More than three decades of profession.
Being an adolescent Manuel Olanda initiates his career in the photograph, in Saint Photo Cosme, with only 14 years does his first report of wedding, combinandolo with photos of Studio and of photographic laboratory, then in black and white.
Later it arrived the colour....
To the 25 years independiza and beside Merche, his woman, move to the Prat and open his own tent : PHOTO STUDY SIN.

In the last years have had to adapt us to the new challenges of the Digital era. At present we form an able squad to offer all type of services to a competitive price, working always with the last technologies of the market.
Of Monday to Friday of 10:00h to 13:30h and of 17:00h to 20:30h
Saturday of 10:00h to 13:30h
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